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The Benefits of Insulating Your Home Today!


Complete insulation


We use the best sealers and insulators available on the world market, so that in a new build the window will perform to its highest capabilities saving you money. Customers who are reglazing an existing house receive the same benefits plus the peace of mind that we work in a professional and clean manner with no disruption to the structure of the home.

We use the best sealers and insulators available on the world market, ensuring that if it’s a new build the window will perform to its highest capabilities saving you money. Customers who are reglazing an existing house receive the same benefits plus the peace of mind that we work in a professional and clean manner with no disruptions to the structure of the home. Our workers use the best products in the market and are masters in their trade to ensure that whether it is a new building being built or improving an existing one, our products will offer the highest level of thermal barrier possible to the outside conditions. The window after all is the weakest part of the building, where a lot of heat loss or gain occurs. With our windows, this effect is significantly reduced, keeping your house insulated from the outside. 


Energy Saving

Energy costs are rising, increasing the costs of running the average family home. Our windows, with their unique chamber system and double-glazed argon gas-filled glass, are the most efficient solution in the Australian market, lowering costs considerably.

According to a recent survey almost 40% of household energy is generally lost through windows and doors, making the proper selection of products vital to reducing power bills and maintaining optimum comfort. We use a thermal-insulated double glass to help achieve a sustainable energy saving. This, coupled with the fact that there are no maintenance costs once the windows are installed (i.e. no painting), means that they are an excellent long-term investment.


House Value


Having a six star energy rating has become standard for new houses around the country. Our windows upgrade the average Australian home into a six star energy home, not only increasing its comfort, but also its value and making it  more desirable to potential buyers.


Your home is the most expensive asset you will ever own. It is an asset you only want to invest in to increase its value. Our windows are a quick and easy sure-fire way of achieving this. Our windows are well known in the market for their efficiency, durability and safety. Our product increases the overall value of your home and also its energy rating. Our solutions are the best in the world which makes your home stand out if it were ever to be on the market. Investing in one’s home has always been a clever option to increase capital. it also provides you with the knowledge  that your building has now been upgraded to one of the highest levels of glazing solutions in the country.

Maintenance Free


Our windows are fade resistant, suitable for the harsh and unpredictable Australian conditions. They never need to be repainted as is necessary with wood alternatives, and they won’t oxidise or fade as aluminium alternatives do.

Wood and other materials used as traditional building materials for windows and doors, need frequent painting and surface maintenance. There is a consistent change in shape of wood over the years and it needs re-adjustment of the window. Also, aluminium tends to oxidise within a year under certain conditions. But you need not worry as our PVC profiles doesn’t need any sort of maintenance over their lifetime. As a result, you only need to perform simple cleaning and you can save your expenses by not paying anything extra.




Insulating one’s home is very important, not only is it a thermal barrier that provides your home with a cool climate in summer and warmth in winter, but also ensures the rest of the structure is working properly. We ensure that our windows are installed using the best available methods of insulation, forming a thick thermal barrier for the building.

Your health is important which is why we offer the best solution to reducing the number of particles that penetrate your home. Dirt, bacteria, etc. come in to the home from the outside, they hide in carpet and become airborne in the environment. Our windows include two different rubber seals, one used for the glass, the other for the frame. These seals work in unison, along with a locking system that compresses the whole window together providing an airtight seal. Our windows are prefect for every family especially those who suffer from allergies or asthma. 


Sound Reduction


Our country is growing fast but we all value our privacy. Our windows offer the highest sound reduction in the glazing market, so minimal sound will penetrate from outside into your home and any sound you generate won’t bleed out.

Noise disturbances from outside can be reduced to one-eighth the original noise level. This sound reduction is achieved due to multiple chambers within our PVC profile, fitted with the correct combination of double glass. Our windows can reach a sound reduction coefficient (Rw, p) pf 45 db (according to EN ISO 140-3).



Your home and business are the most important investments over your lifetime. Our windows are at the forefront of security, offering the safest solution available on the market. Eco windows and doors surpass the competition with their sophisticated locking mechanism and their reinforced steel internal structure working together, to keep your family and/or business safe. Our windows also offer some of the highest fire proof ratings available.

Our windows are fitted with state-of-the-art multi-point locking hardware, meaning that your windows and doors will lock all around--instead of just at the latch. Multi-point locking systems, along with a wide range of toughened safety glass solutions, keep burglars out of your home or office. Lockable handles are available to make the windows child-safe and offer added peace of mind.

Environmentally friendly


The environment is important to all of us, it has become a prominent issue in recent years. Our windows are made from large amounts of recycled PVC, meaning little new plastic is created in their make-up profile. In addition to this our windows offer a longer life span than aluminium or timber alternatives, making them the greener solution through their longevity.

Our window selection is free from controversial non-degradable PVC stabilisers, such as cadmium and lead, which are used by some companies to achieve resilience against weather damage and UV light. Our Greenline range uses calcium/zinc based stabilisers, which protect the environment while maintaining and improving the quality and performance of the product against the elements. Due to our superior protection against energy loss, you are burning neither money nor pollutants. PVC profiles are 100% recyclable, which prevents waste going to landfill and ensures that all material is absorbed into the recycling process.

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