How Does uPVC compare to Timber or Aluminium?

uPVC frames make your life easier, save you money, and give you more free time. Durable and maintenance free, uPVC easily outlasts timber and aluminium. Plus, uPVC frames provide the same energy efficiency as timber frames without any of the work! 


uPVC in Timberlook 

after 10 Years

Real Timber after 

10 Years

Aluminium after

10 Years

uPVC VS Timber VS Aluminium

Double glazed uPVC windows and doors offer the same energy efficiency as high performance double glazed timber windows with none of the work that comes with maintaining and caring for timber frames. With our woodgrain colour options, you can have the timber look you want without spending your summers stripping, sanding, and painting your frames. Plus, our high performance double glazed uPVC windows are a fraction of the price of equivalent high performance double glazed timber windows. Our uPVC frames will not fade, discolour, rot, or crack over time. The durability of your uPVC frame means that your double glazed windows and doors will last a lifetime.

Our efficient uPVC frames accompanied by argon-filled double glazing makes them an unbeatable combination. Aluminium stands no chance against uPVC because, unlike aluminium, uPVC does not transfer hot or cold. An aluminium window frame will feel noticeably warm in the summer and cold in the winter, but a uPVC frame will match the internal room temperature. Aluminium framed windows are less energy efficient regardless of whether they are single glazed or double glazed.


Our frames are made of uPVC and the inside of the frame has a steel core that makes our windows stronger than aluminium. You might worry about the steel heating up on 40 degree days, but the clever design of uPVC frames prevents this from happening. The five chambers that surround the steel core of our uPVC window frames and uPVC door frames insulate the steel core to prevent any heat retention in the core. 

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