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Most homes in Melbourne have single glazed windows. Single glazed windows are vulnerable to hot and cold because the glass is not insulated. You may have noticed a chill coming off your windows during winter time, or maybe you’ve had to close the curtains or roller shutters to keep out the summer heat.


Double glazed windows and triple glazed windows provide insulation for your windows so that you can let in natural light without jeopardising personal comfort. Triple glazed windows provide the most effective insulation available in Australia and are best suited to homes that endure extreme weather conditions. Double glazed windows offer effective insulation for Melbourne homes and can even be improved by upgrading your glass to lowE or solarban glass.


With Melbourne's hot summers and cold winters, every Melbourne home would benefit from properly insulated windows. Insulated windows transfer less heat and reduce noise disturbances. Double glazed windows are energy efficient and that means more money in your pocket and a more comfortable internal temperature for your home. Spend less money on heating and cooling and experience greater comfort year round with double glazed windows and doors.


How Do Triple Glazed Windows & Double Glazed Windows Work?

A double glazed window has two panes of glass and a triple glazed window has three panes of glass. Between the panes of glass is a gap that can be filled with air or argon gas. The gap is sealed to prevent the gas from escaping and to keep the space between the panes of glass constant. The double or triple glazing unit is then installed into the part of the window frame called a sash to complete the window.


Most people know that double glazing means two panes of glass, but did you know that the size of the gap is very important? The space between the panes of glass is what prevents heat and noise from entering or leaving your home. Australian standards say that the gap between two panes of glass must be more than 6mm. However, to achieve effective insulation, a minimum gap of 12mm is required. With a gap that is too narrow, heat will easily transfer from one pane of glass to the next and sound waves can easily cross the gap.


At Enertec, we believe in making windows and doors that provide exceptional performance. For this reason, all of our double and triple glazing units are filled with argon gas instead of air to increase energy efficiency, plus we provide a minimum gap of 14mm on all double glazing units so that our windows and doors achieve exceptional insulation against noise and heat transfer.


Why You Need uPVC Double Glazed Windows?


As a non-conductive material, uPVC is the ideal partner to double or triple glazing. Where double or triple glazing insulates the glass part of your window, uPVC insulates the frame part of your window. With effective insulation for your entire window, you will achieve a noticeable difference in the feel of your home. The temperature in your home will become more constant, which means that you will need to run your heater less during winter and your air condition less during summer. Once you achieve your ideal internal temperature, your uPVC double or triple glazed windows will make sure that it stays that way.


You might know that the unit for measuring the energy efficiency of windows is ‘U-value’. The lower this value is, the better it is. Usually, a single glazed window has a U-value of 5, older double glazed windows have a U-value around 3. Enertec’s uPVC windows and doors achieve a standard U-value of 2.1. Plus, with the right combination of glass, we can achieve an impressively low U-value of 1.6. That is what we mean when we say that our uPVC windows and doors are high performance.  


Amazingly, tests have shown that double glazed uPVC windows limit heat transfer to only 0.5%. This kind of energy efficiency can affect the internal temperature of your home by as much as 16 degrees. I’m sure you can imagine what a difference that would make to your energy bills.


Get Your Double Glazed Windows & Triple Glazed Windows from Enertec Window & Door Systems

Did you know that 40% of a home’s heat is lost or gained through its windows? Poorly insulated windows are what makes your home cold in the winter and hot in the summer. In Melbourne, we try to make our homes comfortable with ducted heating or air conditioning, but we are fighting a losing battle. Stop paying for artificial heating and cooling that escapes out your windows!


With uPVC double glazed windows and doors or uPVC triple glazed windows and doors, the heat from your ducted heating and the cold from your air conditioner will stay inside where you need it!


At Enertec Window & Door Systems, we can help you find the best window and door solutions for your home. 

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