What Makes Our uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors the Best?

The secret to our high performance double glazed windows and doors is in the innovative design of our uPVC frames.

ü  uPVC Frame That Won’t Conduct Heat

ü  Argon Filled Double Glazing

ü  5 Insulating Chambers Inside the Frame

ü  Airtight Dual Compression Seal

ü  Dust Proof

ü  Draft Proof

ü  Noise Proof

ü  Steel Reinforced Core

ü  Toughened Safety Glass

ü  Multiple Locks for Your Security

Steel Reinforced Core






uPVC Profile Cross Section

Using innovative German design and technology, we manufacture uPVC doors and uPVC windows that achieve the highest performance available on the Australian market. uPVC is the ideal material for making double glazed windows and doors because of its fantastic thermal properties—uPVC does not conduct heat—and its durability. uPVC stands up against harsh weather conditions yet requires virtually no maintenance. The multi-point locking system and dual compression seals provide an airtight seal that prevents drafts, dust, and allergens from entering your home. Plus, multiple locks means you have the most securely locked doors and windows on the block. Our doors and windows are burglar-proof.


Wind Resistant



Sound Proofing

Thermal insulation

Profile Properties

Accelerated Weathering

3.6 kpa

200 - 500 pa

< 10m3/hr.m @ 300 pa

> 38 db reduction

Kprofile = 2.1 w/m2.k

BS 7413 compiled

4300 hours

When we combine argon filled double glazed glass units with our uPVC window and door systems, our uPVC windows and doors achieve high performance insulation that increases the energy efficiency of your home and saves you money on heating and cooling bills. With less heat transfer across your windows and doors, your artificial heating and cooling will stay inside where you want it. 

uPVC double glazed windows are durable, maintenance free, energy saving, and easy to clean. All our uPVC windows and uPVC doors meet all Australian standards and have been bushfire and cyclone tested for your safety. Our standard window and door frames have a Bal-29 fire rating and this can be upgraded to a Bal-40 rating when required.


Our uPVC double glazed windows and doors have undergone independent testing by Rodney Marrow. His tests have shown that a standard single pane glass window loses or gains (depending on hot or cold weather inside or outside) an average of 30% of energy which is  equivalent to 16.1 degrees. In the test, our uPVC windows and doors only lost an average of 2% which is only 0.5 degrees.


In Europe 75% of the population enjoy uPVC windows. Only recently have Australians become aware of the massive benefits of choosing uPVC Windows, given our largely varying climatic conditions of heat and cold. Join the uPVC revolution today!

How Does uPVC compare to Timber or Aluminium?

uPVC in Timberlook 

after 10 Years

Real Timber after 

10 Years

Aluminium after

10 Years

uPVC VS Timber VS Aluminium

Double glazed uPVC windows and doors offer the same energy efficiency as high performance double glazed timber windows with none of the work that comes with maintaining and caring for timber frames. With our woodgrain colour options, you can have the timber look you want without spending your summers stripping, sanding, and painting your frames. Plus, our high performance double glazed uPVC windows are a fraction of the price of equivalent high performance double glazed timber windows. Our uPVC frames will not fade, discolour, rot, or crack over time. The durability of your uPVC frame means that your double glazed windows and doors will last a lifetime.

Our efficient uPVC frames accompanied by argon-filled double glazing makes them an unbeatable combination. Aluminium stands no chance against uPVC because, unlike aluminium, uPVC does not transfer hot or cold. An aluminium window frame will feel noticeably warm in the summer and cold in the winter, but a uPVC frame will match the internal room temperature. Aluminium framed windows are less energy efficient regardless of whether they are single glazed or double glazed.


Although the frames are made of uPVC, the inside of the frame comprises of a steel core making our windows stronger. The five chambers that surround the steel core of our uPVC window frames and uPVC door frames insulate the steel core to prevent any heat retention in the core.

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